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Terori Hareko-Samios


A bit about myself

Terori Hareko-Samios believes her family, culture and community are three very important aspects of her decision to work within a community development, social justice, health and education frameworks. Terori Hareko-Samios is a salt water woman, and identifies as Papua New Guinean, Torres Strait islander and Samoan heritage.

Terori was exposed to community work in her early years that had a huge impact on how she views the global village. Terori has over 20 years of experience in the fields of Health, Education, and Community Development; however her passion is providing cultural education and healing through art work, storytelling; smoking and water healing ceremonies.

Terori has provided Cultural Awareness Training and leadership mentoring for over 15yrs that informs on community and cultural protocols of engagement. Cultural safety and building cultural responsiveness in organisations committed to reconciliation and closing the gap. Strengthening Cultural identity and connectedness to community and country to First Nation peoples.

Terori sits on committees of various organisations across Health, Education and Community sectors. In 2014, Terori was awarded the Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership – Emerging Leader award for her community work and leadership in women’s health promotion focusing on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Terori is the founder and Director of SALT STUDIO & CONSULTANCY, established in 2012 as a studio that supported Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female artist, in 2014 SALT CONSULTANCY was added to support first nation knowledge exchange and various consultancy work across cross sector services, first nation communities and community groups.

Our Services

  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • 8 ways of Knowing Training system
  • Artistic commissioning
  • Cultural Leadership Workshops
  • Healing & Wellness Ceremonies
  • Cultural consultancy

Training can be structured for:

  • Small Group Booking (15 people or less)
  • Large Group booking (20-25 people)
  • Sessional Group Training (3-4hrs)
  • Individual  
  • Student  
  • Camp (Accommodation only -3 days)
For bookings and fees please email us on: [email protected]

We look forward to working with you in the spirit of shared knowledge exchange in building sound cultural wisdom and cultural safety.

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